To Submit Haibun

The Haibun Journal


The Haibun Journal, launched in Ireland April 10th 2019, is a print journal specialising in the haibun literary form. We would appreciate your support with submissions of work and/or purchase of the journal which will appear in April and October each year.

The editors are: Sean O’Connor (Editor), Amanda Bell and Kim Richardson (Assistant Editors).

To submit haibun:

Submit up to three haibun per issue.

Send work not under consideration elsewhere.

If your submission contains haiku already published please indicate that with the publication details.

Submit work for the April issue during the month of January and during July for the October issue.

Please state in the subject line: THJ, your name, where you live and the date.

Example: THJ, Mary Smith, Cork, Ireland, 01/02/2019.

Please place the work in the body of the email and do not send attachments – they will not be opened.

Email to:

Sadly, we are not funded and cannot pay authors and there are no contributor copies.

We are not accepting tanka prose at this time.

We will consider articles on haibun or haiku (but no submissions of individual haiku). If you would like to submit an article please email the subject of your article and its word count and we will be in touch with you if we wish to consider it.

There will be no restrictions of the length of submissions of haibun.

We expect the journal to be of about 60 to 70 printed pages, of a high production standard, printed in Ireland and posted internationally.

The Haibun Journal will have first serial rights to any unpublished work it publishes. Future publishers are required to credit The Haibun Journal for first publishing it.

The Haibun Journal retains the right to reprint, electronically or in print, any original work it first publishes with the author being credited accordingly.

Correspondence between the editors and any party are confidential and may not be reproduced without the agreement of the editors.

The cost will be Euro 6 for a single copy (excluding P & P). Multiple copies will cost Euro 5 each (ex. P & P).

To order, email and payment details will be sent.

It is our mission to promote the haibun form and we look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Sean O’Connor, Editor of The Haibun Journal.